Marina Garcia-Vasquez

Marina Garcia-Vasquez is a strategist who creates global culture through storytelling and partnerships. She’s spent her working life advocating for underserved voices by using new digital formats. At Vice, she covered youth protests on Instagram, curated a female art show on sexuality titled “Female Gaze”, and hosted events around social causes like youth incarceration and urban natives. Marina founded Mex and the City, a creative collective and consultancy devoted to promoting contemporary Mexican identity through art and design. She understands that bold and equitable narratives can foster cultural change. She has worked with Jordan Brand and Target to tell greater brand stories and the non-profit New Public to galvanize community around public friendly digital spaces. As a journalist for over 16 years, Marina has worked for publications including Artsy, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, INC., Architectural Record, and CORE77. Originally from the Bay Area, Marina now lives in Brooklyn with her family.