David Frenkel

I have been working as a photojournalist and a reporter in independent Russian media since 2011 focusing on grassroots protests and public politics. I joined Mediazona in 2016 to cover police violence and Russian judicial system, reporting and shooting from political trials. In 2019 we started a data team in Mediazona that used publicly available data to release investigations and visualizations, i.e. covering how Russian government faked COVID statistics. Our team won European Press Prize in 2021 for investigation of how protesters were beaten by Belarusian police in Minsk. Since the start of the war I had to leave Russia but we continue our work covering Russian war crimes, i.e. we investigated looting by Russian soldiers using post tracking data. One of our main current projects is counting and estimating the number of dead Russian soldiers. Our estimation is constantly used by journalists and experts around the world