In the Press


Opting in: Privacy in the Digital Age
An interview with Magic Grantee Jeanna Matthews – 7/10/19


How one team created a VR documentary in South Sudan
Nathan Fitch – 3/4/16


What will news look like in 10 years?
Christian Parkinson and Inga Thordar – 1/28/15


Pencils and pixels
Aparna Alluri – 3/3/14

Social Media Blast
Joanna Plucinska – 9/12/14

Communications of the ACM

Putting the Data Science into Journalism
Keith Kirkpatrick – 05/15


49th Ward Budgeting Elections Website Built by Stanford Team
Benjamin Woodard – 4/29/14


When Food Shortage Becomes Famine
Marcelle Hopkins – 2/25/16

Nieman Reports

Why Cannabis Coverage Needs to be a Serious Beat
Alyson Martin & Nushin Rashidian – 10/18/16

Nieman Lab

Shaping technology to the story: The Brown Institute for Media Innovation is finding its niche
Caroline O’Donovan – 4/1/13

Columbia is launching a new post-bac program to breed journalism unicorns
Adrienne LaFrance – 8/30/13

A group of researchers is trying to help science journalists parse academic articles on deadline
Joseph Litchterman 10/22/15

The New York Times

XRay: A New Tool for Tracking the Use of Personal Data on the Web
Steve Lohr – 8/18/14

A Potential Disaster in Any Language
Laura Collins-Hughes – 9/25/14

Museums Morph Digitally
Steve Lohr – 10/23/14

New Software Helps Connect the Money Dots in Politics
Derek Willis – 12/19/14

Photoville: Bigger, and Covering the Waterfront
Daniel McDermon – 9/22/16


Declassification Engine provides solution to processing declassified documents
Anna Li – 8/23/13

The Stanford Daily

Innovative Media Organizations Recognized
Veronica Kim – 5/9/17

Brown Institute showcase features tour guide drones, defense contract database
Fangzhou Liu – 9/30/16

The Cantor teams up with augmented reality for Art++ exhibit
Christina Pan – 9/16/16

USA Today

New breed of VR pushes for social change
Greg Toppo – 8/1/17

The Village Voice

The Most Striking Images to Check Out at Photoville
Siddhartha Mitter – 9/23/16


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