Fashion Watch Independent Tracker

The net worth of the global fashion industry is $2.5 trillion dollars and yet it lacks watchdog journalists to hold it accountable. Its problems range from workers dying in factories in Bangladesh to models being abused here on American soil. The ripple effect of the #MeToo movement has led to accountability for sexual abuse across a range of industries, but it has yet to make more progress in the fashion world. COVID-19 creates additional economic vulnerability for models, who are often dependent on contract work.

Fashion Watch Independent Tracker will record and display sexual abuse cases in the fashion industry, bringing some of its secrets to daylight. Fashion Watch aims to not only serve as a tool and a resource to advance the reporting of journalists, assist lawyers, researchers, and policymakers, but also to inform the public, and contribute to a much-needed change in the industry.

The Team

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Demi Vitkute is a New York-based journalist and editor who’s passionate about reporting on the fashion industry, its problems, and its changemakers. She’s a founder of The Urban Watch Magazine and has written for The Washington Post, Inside Hook, and Promo Magazine, among others. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School and Emerson College.

Ciara Long is an investigative journalist and audio producer whose work has been featured by San Francisco Public Press, The Guardian, theSkimm, World Politics Review, Deutsche Welle, and more. She was previously a freelance journalist in Brazil, where she reported on threats to reproductive health care in addition to covering the environment, social mobility, politics, and gender. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.