Campaign is a strategy game that takes place in an imagined nation whose leaders are up for reelection. You are a campaign manager who must persuade the fictional characters in the game to vote for your candidate. You learn about the characters by accessing their personal information, including their employment status, age and hometown. You can learn more by solving logic puzzles, or by “convincing” the characters to share data in exchange for a reward. With enough information, you even unlock a Cambridge Analytica-style psychological “archetype” for a character. Campaign is a game about politics, privacy, data sharing and micro-targeting. The project is led by Laurent Bastien Corbeil, Rashida Kamal, Kevin Fei Sun and Eileen Townsend, all members of the class of 2017 or 2018 at the Columbia Journalism School. It will be funded by the Brown Institute and supported, in part, by ProPublica.

The Team