Announcing the MINDS Innovation Challenge!

On Saturday March 5, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and the Brown Institute for Media Innovation are teaming up to host the MINDS Innovation Challenge.
Working with text, photo and video APIs made accessible from AP and the Press Association, students will be challenged to rethink how agencies can find new uses for their content.
Over the course of the day, teams will be mentored through design exercises to prototype new engagement, products and stories that can be can be told through the mass of existing content. If you have attended the transparency workshops or Base Camp offerings, consider this a continuation of those exercises.
Now to the exciting part! At the end of the hack, teams will be evaluated on the ideas generated during the hack. Three select finalists will be given the opportunity to present at MINDS Conference NY at AP in April. The winning presentation at this conference will be awarded a one-week trip to London and the chance to present at Press Association and AP Headquarters in London! Winners of MINDS Innovation Challenge will also receive a Diploma/Certificate signed by all the agencies.
We know this is a week away and you’re the midsts of finalizing your master’s projects and Brown Institute proposals. But if you have time, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!
Apply to the hack event at