A Taxonomy for VR

Eve Weston, CEO and founder of Los-Angeles based VR studio Exelauno told Stanford  students that she has developed a way to talk about VR — what she calls a “taxonomy” for VR. This taxonomy unpacks the emotional intensity of the VR experience into its key parts: Narrative (1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person?) Visual Options (Embodied or Disembodied?) And Points of View: Effectual  (Non-entity, Character, Participant) or Experiential (Robot, Mortal, Deity). Understanding the terms makes it easier to analyze what makes VR different and helps creators figure out how to  best use new VR tools and concepts. This vocabulary, Weston argues, enables creators to better collaborate with clients who want interactivity, prompting them to answer the question: What sort of interactivity? In short, it gives creators the vocabulary necessary to explain what makes VR a more compelling product and helps creators analyze the steps necessary to create that product. Click here to hear more on what Eve Weston had to say: https://youtu.be/BSqTyhS2dtk