A hard hat dinner

Last night, the Institute hosted a Hard Hat Dinner. We invited 14 artists, architects, journalists, entrepreneurs, and friends for a special event to celebrate the construction of our new space. The evening started with a tour of the Brown construction site which, as you can see, is taking shape! Then, becauase OSHA takes a very dim view of “civilians” spending a lot of time in and around ladders, open shaftways, and powertools, we moved upstairs to dine between two large projections of the space captured the day before — Slowly moving videos panned around our space  downstairs as the construction crew worked. This was the backdrop for an evening of great food and great conversation. We’ll hold two more of these to capture the progress of the construction as we get closer to our June opening date. Thank you to everyone who came… It was a lot of fun! Oh and a special thanks to Magic Grant recipients CityBeat for showing off their work before dessert!