3rd Symposium on Computation+Journalism

The 3rd Journalism+Computation Symposium started with a great set of talks and demos. Greg Linch offers a great summary of Jon Kleinberg’s keynote about the ways information flows through networks and how the media (social and traditional) circulate and transform content. We also had panels about significant research projects taking place in news organizations, from the NY Times to NewsCorp to Bloomberg (and this morning the BBC Labs). From data-driven story telling, to verification of social media (contributed) data, to examples of how to build communities of data journalists, the day was filled with excellent examples of computation impacting journalistic practice and vice versa. Sean Mussenden from the American Journalism Review was live blogging the event and offers an excellent summary. AJR is  also hosting abstracts of all the papers and the Brown Institute is maintaining the conference site. Video of the sessions can be found here for Day 1 and here for Day 2. Enjoy!

The Symposium was made possible by sponsorship from the Brown Institute, Yahoo! Labs, The Columbia Journalism School, Georgia Tech College of Computing, and the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Thank you all for an outstanding event!