Stanford names its 2014-2015 Brown Institute Fellows

Reflecting the growth and broadening scope of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Stanford has named five accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds as its 2014-2015 Brown Fellows.

Dr. Tanja Aitamurto has participated in a range of Institute activities over the last two years and she has collaborated closely with the Widescope team.  Having recently received her doctoral degree from Tampere University (Finland), her background connects journalism, engineering, public policy and design. Tanja will also join the Brown leadership team and serve as the Institute’s Deputy Director at Stanford.
After receiving his PhD from Stanford, Dr. David Chen continues as a Brown Fellows for his third year. He was a key member of the bicoastal Personalized Television News Magic Grant team in the Institute’s inaugural year. Now a full-time research associate, David will continue collaborating with the current Magic Grant teams, as well as continue his research in the area of mobile visual search and augmented reality.
Huizhong Chen is a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department, focusing on new approaches for word recognition in text documents.
Rebecca Weiss is a PhD candidate in the Department of Communications and a member of the 2013-14 Magic Grant team, Gistraker. Her research leverages natural language processing and machine learning for semi-automated content analysis of news stories.
Matt Yu is also a PhD candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department. Matt previously contributed to the Personalized Television News and the STAR (Storytelling with Augmented Reality) Magic Grant projects. He a recipient of a 2014-15 Magic Grant as part of the bicoastal Reframe Iran team.