Screenomics Interactive Dashboard2019-2020

The smartphone is redefining what it means to be human. As digital devices become more accessible, powerful and personalized, a growing proportion of our life experience is concentrated on a smartphone screen that weaves quickly through apps, videos, pictures and texts. Yet most media research collects aggregate data from individual digital platforms, such as the amount of time spent on social media or reading the news. Due to this limitation, no one really knows or understands what people actually see on their screens. Using a novel software framework that captures digital life in action, the researchers aim to transform the smartphone into a social-minded diagnostic tool that drives both personal and public insight into digital behavior. Specifically, the team will design a public, web-based dashboard for showcasing research-based socio-psychological analytics related to digital behavior. By creating innovative analytics, the team plans to provide users with psychologically meaningful metrics that drive increased understanding of topics such as political polarization, multitasking, and mental and physical well-being. The team will use Stanford-vetted privacy and security protocols that are based on transparency and confidentiality, explicit statements about the data collected and why, and continuous internal and external inspection of data management systems.

The Team