Motico: Programmatically Transforming Motion Graphics Videos2023-2024

Motion graphics videos are used extensively in web design, digital advertising, animated logos, and film title sequences to grab the viewer’s attention. These videos are essentially animated graphic designs consisting of shapes and typography in choreographed motions, and they require expertise in motion design and animation software to author. Once rendered as a rasterized video, they become very difficult to edit, making it impractical to create variations of an existing motion graphics video without access to a higher-level representation. To address this problem, Motico is a system that will allow users to automatically recover motion programs of input motion graphics videos, transform motion graphics with a program transformation API or GUI, and accomplish a range of applications, including personalized marketing, style-preserving translation, and conversion from 2D to 3D. The resulting program will contain information useful for editing tasks and enable users to manipulate motion graphics more flexibly and efficiently.


Sharon Zhang, PhD Candidate, Stanford University; Jiaju Ma, PhD Candidate, Stanford University