KRYSTL is a two-sided data broker, purchasing streams of smartphone data from individuals and providing them personalized analysis based on their on-screen behavior. We are the smartphone era’s Nielsen company. KRYSTL’s cutting-edge screenomics approach automatically captures and analyses a continuous recording of users’ smartphone screens: exactly what the user sees, especially cross-platform behavior. Users are directly and transparently compensated for their passive contributions. Users’ data is automatically analyzed to determine user moods, trajectories of behavior, and anomalies in usage patterns, providing psychological and social empowerment tools to the users. For our corporate subscription customers, this same method powers cutting-edge insight. Subscribers can dive deep into our automated consumer-journey analysis to track products, ads, content, or keywords as they’re each encountered by users in real time . With the Impact Grant, we plan to build out our existing concept (developed under a Magic Grant) into a freshly created app and data pipeline, with a panel of local beta-users and our first subscription. We aim for our first subscriber to be a news organization with localized interest in the Bay Area. These crucial first steps will demonstrate our viability to funders and our utility to prospective subscribers.

The Team

Team: Daniel Muise, Ph.D. Candidate in Communications, Stanford University