Julia Hirschberg

Julia Hirschberg is Percy K. and Vida L.W. Hudson Professor of CS at Columbia and was previously at Bell Laboratories/AT&T Labs.   She works on speech and Natural Language Processing: text-to-speech synthesis and the detection of emotional, charismatic, abusive, deceptive, and trusted speech and language. She served on the ACL Executive Board, the ISCA board (2005-7 as president), the NAACL executive board, the CRA Executive Board, the AAAI Council, and is currently on the CRA-WP board and the IEEE SLTC. She was editor of Computational Linguistics and Speech Communication, is a fellow of AAAI, ISCA, ACL, ACM, and IEEE, and a member of the NAE, the American Academy, and the APS. She received the IEEE Flanagan Award and the ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement.