Eric Bolton

Machine Learning Engineer

Eric Bolton is one of two machine learning developers at the Brown Institute’s Local News Lab. He got his start at the Wall Street Journal’s nascent R&D team, designing data applications for readers and journalists alike. His main focus was developing machine learning components for a variety of newsroom tools. These included search interfaces for large quantities of transcripts (such as remarks by presidential candidates or S&P 500 earnings calls), chatbots sending useful market movement alerts to journalists, and his personal favorite, an AI art bot that could draw Wall Street Journal-style portraits of people.

Eric is half-French and half-Dutch, though he grew up in New York, where he received a bilingual education in French and English. He discovered his enthusiasm for programming as a Geosciences undergraduate at Princeton. A lifelong writer as well, Eric later combined his passions by earning a dual Masters degree in Journalism and Computer Science at Columbia University. He’s also an avid hiker, triathlete, and aspiring cartoonist.