Photo Expanded Fellow DiCampo Launches “What Went Wrong”

This week, Peter DiCampo, a fellow in the Photography Expanded program — a joint effort of the Magnum Foundation and the Brown Institute — launched his site “What Went Wrong”. DiCampo explains the goals the project.

The efficiency of development aid is one of the more contentious issues of our time, but consistent journalistic investigation and the voices of the would-be beneficiaries are often missing from this debate. What Went Wrong? is an effort to reframe the conversation on foreign aid through in-depth photojournalism, crowdsourced reports, and data visualization.

In parallel, the first issue of Broken Toilets was published today. It is a new online magazine focusing on development issues.

Welcome to the first issue of Broken Toilets, an online magazine featuring stories about global development and culture.

Issue 1, Sludge, deals with the often ignored, decidedly murky, yet undeniably crucial topic of fecal sludge – a subject that exemplifies the problems of reconciling new solutions with old practices.

This first issue includes a piece by DiCampo. In it, he reflects on his Peace Corps experience that led to his photography of foreign aid sites and, ultimately, to “What Went Wrong.”