Introducing the 2016-2017 Base Camps

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation at the Columbia Journalism School and the School of Engineering at Stanford University invite you to apply to the Media Innovation Base Camps taking place on November 12-13, 2016 at Columbia University in New York City, and on January 14-15, 2017 at Stanford University in Palo Alto. The Media Innovation Base Camp offers a great starting point forentrepreneurial students who want to explore the interplay between story and technology, creating new ways to inform and delight.

Are you passionate about the role that emerging technologies can play in the future of storytelling and journalism? Do you have a story taht can only be told using technology outside the scope of traditional media? Base Camp is for you!

For each Base Camp, we will assemble a cohort of 12-15 students from each campus. In November, engineering students from Stanford will travel to New York to work with journalism students at Columbia, and in January we flip, sending Columbia students to the Bay Area. (All expenses are paid, of course!) Each cohort, a mix of engineers and journalists, will learn about interdisciplinary collaboration, exploring new forms of storytelling.

Our goal at Base Camp is to introduce students to a design process customized for journalistic innovation, with a potential byproduct being a new idea that might lead to a one-year “Magic Grant” project — you can read about the Brown Institute’s Magic Grant program here. Brown Institute Fellows, industry experts, and faculty will be on hand to provide feedback, guidance, and support. You don’t need to have a fleshed-out idea to apply for these events — the Base Camp is designed to give you space to develop your ideas, collaboratively.

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