Celebrating the Launch of ‘Fade Resistance’ by fellow Zun Lee

Join us in celebrating the launch of “Fade Resistance”, a project by Zun Lee. “Fade Resistance” seeks to restore the narrative impact of thousands of found African American vernacular Polaroid photographs, and to fill a representational gap in the history of American snapshot photography. Set at the Gladstone Hotel in the arts district of Toronto, part I of the project puts on display thousands of original polaroids, as well as large format prints of select found photos.

With the goal of complementing the analog with a digital component, Zun has been working with GOODDIGITALCULTURE to develope an interactive archive and storytelling platform. This portion of “Fade Resistance,” which is currently in development, will invite viewers to participate in the collection, organization, and narrative arrangement of African American vernacular imagery.

Zun Lee is recipient of our joint venture with the Magnum Foundation’s Photography, Expanded Fellowship, an initiative that supports innovation at the intersection of technology and documentary practice and cultivates interdisciplinary ideation and production. This fellowship offers an opportunity for photographers to collaborate with technologists to expand their practices and to develop new forms for narrative storytelling to more effectively address social issues.

Details on the project can be found at www.zunlee.com/faderesistance, with additional write-ups at The Globe and MailThe New Yorker, and The Instagram Blog.