Base Camp is back! Now for the Fall Session!

What is Base Camp?

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation at the School of Engineering at Stanford University and the Graduate School for Journalism at Columbia University invite you to apply for the second annual Media Innovation Base Camp on November 6-8, 2015 at Columbia University in New York. The Base Camp is a great starting point for students who want to explore the interplay between story and technology, creating new ways to delight and inform.

Our goal with Base Camp is to help students at each university develop new ideas that might lead to a one-year “Magic Grant” project — You can read about the Magic Grant program here. At Base Camp you will work in interdisciplinary teams, with members from Stanford and Columbia. Brown Institute Fellows, industry experts, and faculty will be on hand to provide feedback, guidance, and support. You don’t need to have a fleshed-out idea — the Base Camp is designed to give you space to develop your ideas, collaboratively.

Applications & Deadline

Up to 15 Stanford students and up to 15 Columbia students will be accepted to Base Camp. (Stanford students’ travel expenses will be covered by the Brown Institute.) At Stanford, applications are open to all student levels — undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral. At Columbia, we invite applications from graduate and postgraduate students. The application should include the following items:

  1. A resume and, if you are currently a student, your latest academic transcript
  2. A short description (maximum 300 words) of your vision for the future of media. How will technology transform the kinds of stories we tell, or how will telling new stories lead to new technologies? How might business models for media evolve? How do you think production and consumption of media will change?
  3. A short description (maximum 300 words) of an idea or area of media innovation or a story that intrigues you and that you would like to develop further at Base Camp.
  4. A short explanation about why you should be invited to attend the Media Innovation Base Camp.

If you are at Stanford, please address questions to Tanja Aitamurto at and if you are a student at Columbia, please address questions to Michael Krisch at

Submit your application to Applications are due by 9 PM (local time) on October 17, 2015.