NICAR 2014

Networks, science, and shoe-leather reporting – The Brown Institute sent six students from Columbia’s Journalism School to this year’s edition of NICAR, an annual conference in computer-assisted reporting. This year’s conference was the biggest to date, with over 1,000 attendees. Read their individual reflectionson anything from mapping and analyzing a network to retrieving that precious data or how

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Queer Internet Studies Workshop

Jessa Lingel of the Bushwig Magic Grant Team is organizing a Workshop on Queer Internet Studies. She writes “Thanks to the awesome support of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation and Just Publics 365, I’m working with Jack Gieseking to organize a one-day series of conversations, presentations and art-making. As we gear up for April 4, we thought we’d spell

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Documenting a day, bit by bit

A couple images from this weekend’s “bit by bit”. We weren’t quite prepared for what would happen. I suppose in retrospect, given the amazingly talented professionals we’d managed to recruit, we should have expected something magical. The afternoon was pure joy. Collaboration is not always easy, not always smooth. But each team told their story

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A hard hat dinner

Last night, the Institute hosted a Hard Hat Dinner. We invited 14 artists, architects, journalists, entrepreneurs, and friends for a special event to celebrate the construction of our new space. The evening started with a tour of the Brown construction site which, as you can see, is taking shape! Then, becauase OSHA takes a very

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A weekend of storymaking

Our event “bit by bit” began Saturday with a student event — We spent the day speculating, designing and prototyping new ways of telling stories. Lance Weiler and his team at Reboot Stories designed what might be best described as a second generation hackathon. It emphasized process, a thoughtful design process, that led our participants from their

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