‘We’re Not Alone’: Families Share How They’re Coping With Grief in COVID’s Long Wake

Missing Them, a 2021-22 Magic Grant and collaboration between the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, THE CITY, and the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, reached back to more than 1,000 people who submitted stories to their online obituaries page and interviewed dozens of them on what’s helping them cope with losing loved ones.

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Magic Grant ‘Documenting COVID-19’ Receives 2021 Sunshine Award from the Society of Professional Journalists

The Brown Institute is pleased to announce our Magic Grant project ‘Documenting COVID-19‘ has received the 2021 Sunshine Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. This is the project’s fourth major prize, following similar awards from The First Amendment Coalition, the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information, and the Los Angeles Press Club’s Charles Rappleye

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2020-21 Magic Grant Profile: Self-Moderating Online Focus Groups and Deliberation

Our 2020-21 Magic Grant Self-Moderating Online Focus Groups and Deliberation is building a tool for better online deliberation. Through an automated moderator that provides equitable, respectful, and constructive conversation the team behind this grant aims to support deliberative democracy, developing a scalable online platform that addresses current challenges such a small group who dominates the

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2020-21 Magic Grant Profile: Leitmotif

Our 2020-21 Magic Grant Leitmotif: Location-Driven Audio Storytelling uses geolocation to deliver dynamic audio storytelling and connect users to stories of people, places, and things they walk by. The team is creating software to enable the generation of location-specific audio stories and a paired smartphone application to allow users to consume audio content. Through this

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How Journalists are Working with Maternal Figures – Three Stories Produced with the Support of the Reporting Grants

Ambulance services in Sokoto, a mobile app for midwives in Benue, and how Cross River can support traditional birth attendants. The most challenging aspect of building the Maternal Figures database was finding information about maternal health interventions implemented in Nigeria over the last three decades. Government-funded programs were often abandoned between administrations, some donors didn’t

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