Nicholas Diakopoulos @ Stanford: “Automating the News: How Algorithms are Rewriting the News”

From hidden connections in big data to bots spreading fake news, journalism is increasingly computer generated. Nicholas  Diakopoulos, an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University’s School of Communication, and  an expert in computer science and media, discussed  the present and future of journalism in a world in which news is created by algorithms. Here’s more from The Stanford

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“More Than Just a Pretty Picture” – MIT’s Felice Frankel on “Image and Meaning”

On January 30, the Brown Institute at Stanford welcomed Felice Frankel, celebrated science photographer and MIT research scientist. Frankel offered an afternoon masterclass on “Image and Meaning” and in an evening talk discussed her new book “Picturing Science and Engineering” (MIT Press).  During the well-attended “Image and Meaning” masterclass, Frankel outlined was for students, faculty

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J. Nathan Matias: Innovating in the Public Square

J. Nathan Matias, associate research scholar at Princeton University in psychology, the Center for Information Technology Policy, and sociology, also is the founder of CivilServant, a nonprofit that organizes citizen behavioral science and behavioral consumer protection research for the internet. In this talk, Matias discusses how CivilServant has worked with communities of tens of millions of people on Reddit and Twitter

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