Nov 01. ACM's Multimedia Grand Challenge

Congratulations to 2012-2013 Magic Grant team members Brendan Jou, Hongzhi Li, Joseph G. Ellis and faculty advisor Shih-Fu Chang for winning the Grand Challenge 1st Place Award at ACM Multimedia. Their paper, "Structured Exploration of Who, What, When, and Where in Heterogenous Multimedia News Sources," can be seen here. 

Oct 24. Digital security panel, October 28th


Revelations about how much of our online activity is under surveillance have left many people wondering what's left for digital security- or where the next frontier is. But digital security is not one-size-fits-all, and it never has been. For journalists, encyrption, digital security and privacy issues are perhaps more important now than ever before. 

The Frontline Freelance Register has partnered with the Brown Institute to present a panel discussion on where we can go from here- and why all is not lost. Sign up here.

Oct 16. Magic Grant Ensemble launches Arrowhead

The Human-computer Interaction group at Stanford University presents Arrowhead, a story that will be collaboratively written by Tom Kealey (Jones Lecturer of the Creative Writing department), Chris Baty (founder of NaNoWriMo), and people from all over the web!

Arrowhead will be written using Ensemble, a new and experimental collaborative writing platform coming out of the HCI group with the goal of designing and discovering new ways of supporting creative work. The story will span from October 15th to October 30th.

Ensemble and the Arrowhead project can be found here.

Sep 30. HGB's Trust Donates $15 Million for College Prep

From the NY Times ArtsBeat Blog: 

"Helen Gurley Brown didn’t care only about the Cosmo girl. She was also concerned with underserved children in New York City. As a result, her trust is giving $15 million to the New York Public Library for a new educational and anti-poverty program based at library branches that was announced on Wednesday by the trust and the library."

Read more about this incredible new program. 

Sep 25. Eve Burton named to AOL Board of Directions

Brown Advisory Board member, Eve Burton, has been appointed to the AOL Board of Directors. Read more...

Sep 20. Brown Institute "All Hands" Meeting, Columbia University

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Both halves of the Brown Institute met at Columbia University for its quarterly "All Hands" meeting. It was a day of presentations and discussions. A full house, with grants and fellows form both 2012-13 and 2013-14. 

Aug 30. Year Zero

From the Nieman Journalism Lab Blog: "The journalism unicorn exists. I’ve seen one — even worked with one. Maybe you know the kind: a journalist who’s as nimble and dynamic as a reporter as she is with coding."

The Brown Institute is collaborating on a post-bacc program to help prepare journalists for the J-School's Dual Degree program with Computer Science. We are looking for a Director for the program and we'll be taking applications for Summer-Fall 2014!

Aug 23. The Declassification Engine in Poynter


Poynter has just posted a fantastic writeup of one of this year's Magic Grants, the Declassification Engine. Co-funded by the Tow Center for digital Journalism, the Declassification Engine will “create a critical mass of declassified documents by aggregating all the archives that are now just scattered online” and apply machine learning techniques to "reveal patterns in official secrecy.” 

Jul 31. Brown Fellow Iubel joins ONA13 Student Newsroom

The Online News Association announced the members of its ONA13 Student Newsroom.  Over 100 students applied from around the world, and Brown Fellow Nikolas Iubel was one of the 38 selected. The winners will provide intensive coverage of the Online News Association Conference & Awards Banquet, October 17-20 in Atlanta. This group will be mentored by distinguished digital journalists and journalism professors and will produce rich, varied multimedia coverage of the ONA Conference. Google provided $30,000 in scholarships to cover the registration, travel and lodging for the selected students and their mentors. Congratulations Nikolas!

Jul 26. Steve Lohr named 2013-2014 Brown Fellow

Steve Lohr was a graduate of the School of Journalism in 1975 and now reports on technology, business and economics for the New York Times. In 2013, he was part of the team awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting  for its reporting on Apple and other technology firms "that illustrates the darker side of a changing global economy for workers and consumers.” Steve joins the Brown Institute to work on a book on Big Data. Steve, welcome!

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